WHAT WE DID: Visual identity, full brand rollout, marketing collateral, digital

Time was, you didn’t need to know what the vegetarian option on a menu would be. You could guess. Lasagna, risotto, nut roast. Now with over half of Britains considering themselves partly vegetarian and with the huge explosion in plant-based and vegan foods, the days of menu complacency are long gone. Plant-based isn’t niche any more… it’s normal. Once we’d discovered this truth, developing an identity that was inclusive, eclectic and fun, and smashed all vegetarianism preconceptions seemed obvious. It was time to unleash a torrent of colour, personality, vibrancy and of course, jaw-dropping food photography and leave the bland clichéd world of sandals and dodgy knitwear behind.

Meat eating is declining in the UK and the demand for plant-based menu items is sky-rocketing. But there’s a big gap between the customer’s desires and the chef’s comfort zone; that’s why we built seed bank. A full library of stunningly photographed recipes all fully, nutritionally analysed and with detailed environmental impact savings.

Plant-based isn’t niche any more… it’s normal.